With many Matchmaking services it can feel a lot like going to a department store.  You receive a match, you go on a date and you're done, with very little individual attention or thorough follow up conversations.


How can you improve?  Where did things go right?  Without self-awareness, one cannot fast track the dating game to find the fulling long lasting relationship they desire.

At IDL we pride ourselves on catering to the unique personality quirks and desires of our clients, so we  function more like a boutique with personalized matches, contextual dating advice, and quality potential mates.

We take the time to get beyond the surface and get to know every single one of our clients face-to-face.  We have a tough screening process that prevents "gold-diggers," "douche bags," and all-around unlikable people from joining our service.


Each one of our clients gets one-on-one personal service . We work incredibly hard to match our clients with potential partners that we believe are a true match. Also, we offer feedback to our clients so they can be successful on their next dates. Our goal is to help our clients find successful relationships.   

Our Favorite. Female Clients.

Beautiful, ambitious and intelligent. We understand that attraction is a big part of a relationship, but a successful one must go far deeper than that. All of our female clients are not only gorgeous on the outside,  they are successful, genuine, and possess an inner beauty that radiates when there's chemistry. Most importantly our ladies are all looking for REAL, lasting and meaningful relationships.

To see recent photos of our current female clients, please call us for a password protected link at 310.753.5001