We understand that you're busy, because being a successful single can be time consuming. We get that online dating or trying to meet someone at a bar is exhausting and often a crap shoot at best. So, why not sit back, relax and let us do the work!? Unlike online dating our in house matchmakers vet both our male & female clients. We spend hundreds of hours, reviewing thousands of submissions and personally interview each one of our potential clients to ensure only the highest quality candidates for our agency.

We understand that attraction is important in a relationship, but our search for your perfect match goes deeper then just looks. Unlike many Executive Matchmaking agencies which often randomly connect a pretty woman with a successful guy, because "hey, she's pretty and he's wealthy," so it must be a match, right?  We carefully consider the need for chemistry and similar values. So, our matchmakers truly connect with our clients and personally spend our time scouring the country for each client's perfect match! And, nothing makes us happier then to see our clients together in happy relationships.

Our agency is completely confidential and your information will not be shared anywhere online. We will meet with you and work with your needs and budget in order to find you the best option for your busy schedule. As a member, you will have access to your own personal matchmaker and be able to communicate before and after each date, receive tailored tips and advice for the dates.
If you're ready to add to your already amazing life and find that quality life partner please fill out the simple questions after pressing the button. Being in love is one of the greatest feelings on this planet, so why not let us help you find it?  You deserve it!

Meet the Founder



With over a decade spent as a working actress in Hollywood, Jacqueline has had her share of "LA" relationships and spent many years single and wading in the dating pool.


Her background in Psychology with a focus on NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) means her life's work is understanding the reasons people act the way we do in relationships. Why do we pick the partners that we do?

Not only is she an amazingly intuitive matchmaker, she helps her clients decode their own underlying values, break old patterns and open up to the loving relationship they have always dreamed of.

Jacqueline had a profound breakthrough after moving through the grief of tragically losing a previous significant other.  By utilizing her training and skills to address her own relationship blockages, Jacqui was able to mend her broken heart and truly overcome the most difficult and sudden "breakup" of her life.


Within two years she was healed enough to connect with the love of her life, Ramón. They are now raising a beautiful, baby boy together.  Jacqueline believes that everyone deserves love, and her personal mission is to help as many people as possible to experience the greatest joy in the world: true love. ❤️

Meet the iDeserveLove Team

Joelle Laviniere


Joelle Laviniere was a successful New York based television producer for many years. after producing several popular television shows including MTV's “Teen Mom,” and “My Super Sweet 16” she realized there is more to life than just the glitz and glam of the Big City.


Joelle decided to start a family and focus her energy on doing something she loved: helping people find the love of their lives. Joelle now resides in Miami where she is head of the Florida iDeserveLove Matchmaking office.